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When you’ve got tooth decay, whether it’s minor or major, fillings can be a highly effective way to save your tooth. The highly skilled dentists at Rifkin Dental in Yorktown Heights and Carmel, New York, offer a variety of fillings, including amalgam and tooth-colored ones, depending on your needs. To learn more, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Fillings Q & A

When Would I Need a Filling?

Fillings are the most common treatment for cavities. Usually, your dentist identifies cavities during your biannual exam or after taking X-rays, though sometimes you may notice the cavity yourself as they can show up as small dark spots on your teeth. Regardless of the size of your cavities, a filling is usually the best solution.

What Kind of Fillings are Available?

Rifkin Dental offers two types of fillings, amalgam and composite resin:

  • Amalgam Fillings: Amalgam fillings are traditional metal fillings, commonly called silver fillings. Amalgam fillings work well, but they're very obvious against the white of your tooth. For this reason, composite resin fillings are now the more popular choice.
  • Composite Resin Fillings: Composite resin can fill cavities effectively, and it blends in with your teeth perfectly, leaving no dark spots from metal as with amalgam fillings. Composite resin is so flexible that dentists also use it to repair cracks, cover tooth gaps, cover severe stains, or even change teeth shape. Composite resin is particularly well-suited for cavity fillings because your dentist bonds it to your tooth in layers. This means that less of your tooth is drilled away.

Your dentist at Rifkin Dental can help you decide whether amalgam or composite resin is the best option for you.

What if My Tooth Isn't Strong Enough to Hold a Filling?

If your tooth is very fragile due to significant decay, a root canal may be the best way to save your tooth. During a root canal, your dentist at Rifkin Dental removes all the damaged tooth pulp and packs the tooth with gutta-percha, a sterile material. Then, your dentist covers the tooth with a crown to protect it.

What Kind of Aftercare Does My New Filling Require?

Both composite resin and amalgam fillings need some time to set properly, generally taking 24-48 hours. Until your filling is set, use caution when you eat and drink. Stay away from very hard or crunchy foods and don't drink very hot or cold beverages for a couple of days, just to be on the safe side.

If you’ve noticed a dark spot on your tooth or have been experiencing tooth pain you think could be a cavity, the gentle and experienced dentists at Rifkin Dental can help. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.