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Tiffany H.

Tiffany has extensive experience in the communications and patient care in medical and dental offices, but the dental field has captured her heart. Her son, fiancé and family are her world. In her spare time she loves to be outside and is a huge baseball fan (thanks to her fiancé). Her dream is to eventually travel the globe. FUN FACT: Tiffany loves big, big, BIG dogs! She currently has 2 Irish Wolfhounds and a Bernese Mountain dog.




Sandra has been in dentistry since 2017 and joined the Rifkin Dental Team in the fall of 2022. Sandra has a background in oral surgery with extensive knowledge of dentistry's clinical and administrative aspects. Sandra is not only passionate about dentistry, but she is also passionate about aesthetics and film!




Monique has been working in dentistry since 2015 and joined the Rifkin Dental family in the spring of 2023. She started working part-time in college as a file clerk and soon fell in love with the dental field. From there, she became a front desk receptionist and later a patient care coordinator in pediatric dentistry. Besides her love for smiles, she loves to travel, try different restaurants and foods, and spend time with her friends and very large family!




Meet Ivanna, a valued member of our team. Originally from Ukraine, Ivanna relocated to New York in 2014 after completing her bachelor's degree. With a specialization in Finance and credit, she has a passion for working with numbers and calculations. Ivanna's journey in the dental field began in 2017, and since then, she has gained extensive experience! When she's not immersed in dentistry, Ivanna enjoys exploring new destinations and cherishing quality time with her family. She is a proud mother to a wonderful daughter and happily married to her loving husband. In her free time, Ivanna indulges her affection for pets, particularly dogs!




Sheilann has 13 years of experience in the dental field. She is originally from the borough of Queens, NY. In addition to her expertise in dentistry, she holds an associate's degree in accounting. When she is not working in the dental field, she proudly runs her own business, specializing in crafting and customizing merchandise.


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