A Brief History of Rifkin Dental

Rifkin Dental operates a lot differently today than it did when Dr. Richard Rifkin first acquired the practice in the 1980s. But we never forget our roots.

The practice has grown from a one-man operation to the vibrant dental center patients are familiar with today. One thing that’s never changed? Our patients always come first. Here’s a look back at how the practice has evolved around this foundation over the last two decades.

Humble Beginnings: A One-Man Show

Dr. Richard Rifkin graduated from dental school with big ambitions. He identified the region north of New York City as a great place to raise a family and open a practice—and the rest, as they say, is history.

In 1985, Dr. Rifkin bought the practice that would become Rifkin Dental. Originally he ran it as a one-man practice. He took on responsibility for every aspect of the business, from paperwork and office management to actual dentistry.

Gradually, Dr. Rifkin was able to bring on some staff to help grow the his client base and free up his time to focus more exclusively on dentistry. He added a few hygienists to the staff, and they were soon followed by another dentist and another hygienist.

When told this way, the story of Rifkin Dental sounds pretty simple. In reality, the practice’s evolution wasn’t always as easy as it seems.  

Dramatic Industry Shifts Shape the Practice

Running a dental practice is no easy feat (not to mention running a dental practice singlehandedly). And it was even more challenging when Dr. Richard Rifkin was getting started in the 1980s.

When Dr. Rifkin first started his practice, there were no cell phones and no computers. Marketing wasn’t really on the radar of small businesses or medical practices. The field of dentistry was nowhere near as advanced as it is today. And there were many fewer tools for recruiting new staff. If Dr. Rifkin wasn’t sure how to handle an element of his practice, he didn’t have someone he could call or email at any hour of the day. Almost everything he learned about running a dental practice, he learned through trial and error. The practice survived and thrived largely as a result of his own perseverance.

A lot has changed since those early days. Rifkin Dental is now totally paperless. Our staff are able to communicate with our patients through a variety of digital tools including texts, email, and social media. The office is filled with dental tools and products that didn’t even exist two decades ago and that dramatically increase the efficiency with which we’re able to provide service to our patients.

Because we’re familiar with how quickly the dental industry can change, the staff at Rifkin Dental are exceptionally committed to continuing education. We regularly review our protocols and procedures to identify opportunities for improvement, and the dentists and hygienists are always invested in knowing about the latest dental techniques and products.

The staff’s commitments to cutting-edge dental knowledge and exceptional customer service have defined what Rifkin Dental is today. And they’ll continue to define our practice into the future.

Looking Toward the Future

Today, Rifkin Dental is a bustling practice with two locations and a total of 15 staff. Our staff is comprised of three dentists (including Dr. Richard Rifkin), three hygienists, four front desk staff, and four assistants.

Even as we’ve weathered changes in the practice and the dental industry as a whole, the staff at Rifkin Dental have remained focused on our core mission: to continue providing exceptional service to the Yorktown Heights and Carmel communities. Dr. Rifkin also hopes to gradually expand the practice by adding more dentists, hygienists, and staff in the coming years.

We are forever committed to providing the best service possible to our clients, and this mission defines our past, present, and future.

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